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Mask Angst

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Mask Angst By Go Strealy 5/11/2020 FINAL 10/3 Key D

Put on your mask, bring your own flask, your chair and table too.
And sit yourself 6 feet apart, that’s what you have to do.
That’s what they say……To Keep those germs away.
So that’s what we do……To Keep that virus from coming through.
It’s not cool to be altruistic,
We haven’t done that since back in the 60’s
So let’s just party in the USA,
The President says it’ll go away.
Just put on your mask…That’s all I ask
I ain’t taking your freedoms.
You can pull it back down when you get 6 feet-ums Away.
That’s where you have to stay.
Close proximity - could be the death of you or me.

I know it isn’t easy (I know)
Sometimes it even makes me queasy (I know)
But I’m not trying to destroy your pride I’m just
Trying to keep those molecules from coming inside of me.
(You’ve got droplets, I’ve got droplets.)
Why can’t you see… I do it for you; You do it for me.
Don’t ask me why. But we don’t wanna die.

Life is not fair (4x)
But you’ve gotta go there, you’ve gotta go there
There’s just one world, and we have to share, Now
Where’d you put your mask? Did you put it up your ass?
Your put it somewhere, cause you just don’t seem to care,
About your sisters and brothers, your sons or your mothers
Your nieces and nephews and all of the others.
(Your fathers or your grands, do you even wash your hands?)

Now, where’s your mask? Could you put it on fast?
‘Cause you’re gettin’ close to me
And I just don’t wanna be inside my grave.
There’s lots of lives that we could save.

I ain’t just whistl’in Dixie.
If I get the virus, what if they can’t fix me?
As a youngster I might have considered suicide,
But now I’m really starting to enjoy the ride, so please
Cover up your sneeze.
I want to stay, and watch the children play.