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We're All Americans

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We’re All Americans
by Go Strealy May 17, 2020 - June 8

I thought we were told to love one another
But I don’t know what’s happening here.

We’re all here at the brink….But maybe we don’t think
We’re all Americans?
We’re all Americans.
Will we save each other’s lives?….Or jump into the fire?
We’re all Americans.
We’re all Americans?
I wish everyone could see
That you don’t have to be like me and I don’t have to think like you.
What you think is logical for me may be impossible
And what is true for me is not for you.

While flailing in the wake, It’s getting hard to shake our old opinions.
But we’re all Americans.
Thought I was being good, but I hadn’t understood your contributions.
We’re all Americans.
My mask ain’t in your business; I’m just covering up to keep you alive.
My mouth will still be smiling here…With our loving maybe we can survive.

They put me over here?….They put you over there? Make separation.
But we’re all Americans.
They try to make us hate….But we want to be great and find solutions
We’re all Americans.
We’ve got to loosen our tethers….What creeps me out might be he life for you.
We were put here all together….And we all have got some different things to do.

It’s time we heard from our Earth Mother… Not to stir up all of our fears.
Not trying to separate us from one another…She’s trying to show that love is here.

At first we brought them in….Thought we saw our sin of condemnation.
We’re all American
Inside we’re all the same….Too late to pass the blame; we’re all forgiven.
And we’re all Americans
It’s been going on for years….We all are broken with our tears.
Now here’s a chance to learn to change our tune
Let us listen to our muse….and one another…..We can’t let them use this time to take us into ruin