1. Crossroads
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Prompt: CROSSROADS by Go Strealy July 30-Aug 2, 2020

There’s a crossroads up ahead
And it’s either life or death.
There’s a new perception, a firm direction
Thats neither right nor left.

We are letting go the past.
(Love, Love, Love, Money Money Money)
We are looking for what lasts.
(Love, Love, Love, Money Money Money)
And we seek a goal
(Love, Love, Love)
That will feed our soul.
(Money Money Money)
After all the dies are cast.
Love, Love, Love, Money Money Money)

Future, (We choose love.)
There’s a future…(We choose love.)
Peace and quiet - future filled with joy.
(Ha Ha Ha Ha, Ha Ha Ha Ha, Ha Ha, We choose love.)

We’re at the crossroads.
We’re at the brink.
We’ll find the way to go.
The missing link.

No shadows or mistakes.
Can cause our hearts to quake.
Fear is formless now, we can find out how
We can ride the power shakes.

We know we were mistaken
Now we want to be taken
To a place where we can waken;
Where our faith cannot be shaken.

We claim the future now. (Your lies have no effect.)
Life is its goal. (Your lies have no effect.)
All our needs have been provided (Your lies have no effect.)
We can make it so. (Your lies have no effect.)

Wooo, ooh, ……….
(Love will go on and on…………..)