1. WHO AM I?
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WHO AM I? (Lookin’ For Me) by Go Strealy, 3/22/2020

Who Am I
Am I true? Am I a lie?
I just can’t find my - - authenticity
(Lookin’ for me)
Get in my head, and try and try
To be myself, but find that I
Have a split personality
(Who should I be?)

Something’s going on
Sometimes I’m a pawn
Life’s a game that I must play
I cannot go and I cannot stay

If I get pegged, Then I will flee
Identity is crowding me
I think so hard, I cannot see
(and just be)
I can’t keep track of what life brings
Of who is pulling all the strings
If I decide to make a change who will I be?

Wear a hat, or wear a crown
I just can’t pin myself down
I’m a Mystery to solve
Once again I Guess I’ll just evolve

I cannot guarantee
When I’ll become another me
I can’t decide who I will be today
(I don’t wanna play)
I’d rather stay away from you
If you must know what I will do
I’ll “Be Here Now”, then change my ways
Who who am I? Who who am I?