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Stop the Clock

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Stop The Clock by Go Strealy 4/26/2020

Stop the clock! I’ve got too much to do.
Gotta make my own living.
Gotta take care of you.
Stop the clock! I don’t have enough time
Gotta write me a tune.
Gotta make me a rhyme.

I’ve been high and low and up and down so long.
I’ve been waiting for somebody to tell me what’s right and what’s wrong.
I’m in the middle of a Garden of Eden and I didn’t even know.
All this up and down and back and forth has nearly made me miss the whole show.

Stop the clock! I’ve got too much to do.
there is no denying I have got a lot to get to.
Look at my schedule!
Where’s my schedule?

I hurry when I’m awake, I hurry when I’m asleep.
I hurry here, and I hurry there, and I hurry everywhere.
Hurry, hurry, hurry
Stressing me out……..stressing me out.

So just stop the clock!
Stop the clock!
Stop that clock!
Stop that clock!
“There’ll be a “shelter in place” order.”
Whoah, what just happened?