1. 01 Miles to Go
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01 Miles to Go

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My friend Marilyn Williams-Davis sat with me inspiring the finishing of this song. She was my "bestest" friend since the summer before I went to East Texas State University, where I had my first band, Prophecy. Sadly, she passed this incarnation, but gladly, she is still with me.


If I stayed with you forever would it only cramp our style?
We have beautied up a lifetime…and we’ve only gone one mile.
I think now of a lady who says she’s seen it all.
She thinks she’s got the picture
But her world is very small.
And if the truth could find her, she fears that it would bind her
She builds her life on cliche.
She finds her safety that way.
In her work she laughs and cries all day.

And if she stayed with him forever,
would it only cramp her style?
He has beautied up her lifetime,
and they’ve only gone one mile.
I could tell you many secrets of the frolics in my spring.
But the world is on your shoulder and you can’t stand one more thing.
And if the truth be known
We’re all here, all alone
And darlin’ I can’t stay.
I’ve got more dues to pay
In my work I laugh and cry all day.

Now I’ve stayed with you forever, didn’t worry ‘bout our style.
We have beautied up our lifetimes
Can we stand another mile?
I know I’ll really miss you when I think in days to come
of your rapping on my window when your day of work was done
And if the truth could cry, its wells would all run dry
And the truth would die of thirst
Our madness would be cursed.

Has it only been one mile?