1. If It's Love
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If It's Love

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You know you drive me crazy, babe I’d
Do anything for you
Just Because I would
Does it mean I have to if it’s love?
If it’s love?
Walkin’ on these hot coals, forgettin’ ‘bout my soul.
Blame it on somebody
Somebody I know so well.
Someone else who put me through this hell.
I’m drivin’ away
I’m leavin’ today
You’re no good for me
But I’d like to try and see if it’s love.

Now, sometimes love’s addiction can carry you away
You wonder why the things you feel are not the things you say
It’ ain’t love.
Well maybe it ain’t love.
Cause if it’s love we don’t have to play this game
And if it’s love we can walk through any flame
And if it’s love we’ve got nothin’ to prove.
Jump right in, don’t fight the groove.
Make it love.