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03 I Won't Promise You

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This song speaks for itself.


I know you’re tired, and I can tell that you’re still looking for your dream.
And I can see your face, and hear your words, and honey, I know exactly what you mean.
And you look to me like love.
You offer dreams of passion so divine.
And I might offer you the world, dear friend
If only I knew for sure that it was mine.

But I won’t promise you, I won’t promise you.
I won’t promise you anything at all.
The sun may shine upon us…and then it may rain.
I don’t want to break a promise.
I don’t want to cause more pain.

I think you hear my message, there’s no doubt that I have got you on my mind.
And you know that when I give you love it isn’t just because I’m being kind.
So let’s look at what we’ve got, and not expect to keep it very long.
‘Cause today is all we have, and it’s enough
‘’Cause it’s so strong.

I know you’re accustomed to hearing lots of lies
And you want me to believe some things I don’t see in your eyes.
My ears are prone to deafness since I’ve learned to act on only what I see.
And my security’s in knowing I can live without a blindfold guarantee.

So, please don’t promise me, please don’t promise me
Please don’t promise me anything at all.
The sun may shine upon us, and then it may rain.
I don’t want a broken promise, it would
Only cause more pain.