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WildFire 1 - master

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The push and pull of physical lovemaking.


There’s a howling wind
stirring through the night.
There’s a torch that’s catching the tail of my kite.
Her wildfire burns
While it tickles and churns
It plants an ember, and then it turns

I try and build a Fire-line
to Hold on fast to what is mine.
I resist being taken over, then
I remember her sweet soft clover.

I’m getting warmer, I’ve got no more fight.
I’m over the edge, and I ignite.
Wildfire… Wildfire…

I need a controlled burn
to ward off the flames as they come.
I need a cool breeze.
I find it in her, there’s nowhere to run.

I gather it in, and I begin to spin;
Start begging for more from her sweet sweet store.
My firewall’s dying; I’ve got no more fight.
She weave her magic, into the night.
(instrumental interlude)
Her wildfire spreads from my toes to my head
Leaves me lying helpless
All across my bed.
Wildfire - Wildfire
And it feels so good when she smooths the ashes away.