What are they saying? Our little pets…When we come home to rest?
“Welcome to our house,” that’s what they say. “We didn’t move your mess.
Now we want some lap time
We’ll all have some food and snack time.
We’re so glad you’re home
We’ll be right along.”

“We will let you scratch our chins. We promise we are clean.
You can always trust us, though…you don’t know where we’ve been.
We will need some lap time.
Scratch your furniture in gap time.
We’ve been having rain again
Will you please let us come in?
(Piano verse)
We just want some lap time
We love you and you can have some time with us, we’ll purr for you.
We don’t know what else to do.”
Wonder if they say (When they’re looking so far away)
“We just need some lap time
lap time, that’s all, that’s all.
We’ll give good vibrations
Lots of purr-viations
You can count on us for
Sweet sensations.”

Whenever I am feeling bad. Whenever I’m upset.
Not very long the time goes by, here comes my little pet.
Purring in my sad time.
Tweaks his paws and takes a bath time
Only one request
“Let me please lie on your chest.”

“If someone should come along whom you don’t want to see,
We can hiss and show our lips. Then they will leave you be.
Then we’ll have some lap time.
You’ll safely pet us through our nap time
You’ll be glad you did,
‘Cause your pussy’s hid.”
(Piano interlude)
They make us so curious…
Seem to be impurrvious…
When they purr their song.
Then you’ll know that you are not alone.