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The Devil Don't Live Here No More

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Cassette 11/27


Sequins and feathers and tacky suspenders
We grew up with a sense of religion
Money collectors and nosy inspectors
We learned how to get belligerent
(and when to be a good friend)
Those downtown winos always treated us better
Than the father we knew only through a few letters.
(Whatever love he could send)

Gypsy darlin' our outlaw days are over
Your mother she's sober...You'd hardly even know her
She's quoting' Betty Crocker...The neighbors don't knock her
We've got carpets on the floor...
The devil don't live here no more.

Fat bartenders, fast money-lenders
And midgets pulling' pushcarts thru the lobby
In dives so full of barflies they got in our eyes
We saw how they paid off the vice squad
(cleaning' up the city)
You're lookin' for trouble if you're lookin' for an honest profession
Survival in the city arrives at its own suggestions.
(We picked 'em up quickly)

Oh'h but gypsy darlin' our gypsy days are over
Mama' gettin' older...her world heavy shoulders
Are watching' Jack LaLanne...seein' no pain.
Seeing no pain
The devil don't live here no more.

The devil left said it was leaving' forever
As far as I remember...back in December
We rented out the room to this crazy tune:
The devil don't live here
Devil don't live here no more.