1. Home Cookin'
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Home Cookin'

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I like diamond covered foxy ladies but I love a woman that can cook.
When I come home from that long, hard road,
She reads me like an open book
I don't want my fish in the water unless they're familiar with the hook.
and I don't want my man in my kitchen unless he's ready to cook.

Home cookin'
It'll treat you right.
Give me that down home cookin'
every night.

I've played the horses and I've played the blues;
I've paid my debts and I've paid my dues.
I've lost my causes and I've lost my shoes
But there's one thing I hope I'll never lose...
That home cookin, Face up on the table.
Give me that down home cookin,
It brings the horses right back to the stable.

I don't have any clothes by St. Laurent...
You dilettantes can wear whatever you want.
My man don't run around with no debutantes...
And I [damn sure know / know exactly] what he wants.

That Home cookin'.
(And I want it done right.)
Gimme that down home cookin'
It's the spice of life.

I've got a little friend she's about half grown.
She was talking' to a magazine reporter on the phone..
He said: " Would you let your mother go out with a Rolling Stone?"
And she said: "Damn straight, Jack, 'long as she brings him home.

Home cookin':
Lox, hamhocks and cornbread.
Gimme that down home cookin'
Straightens up my head.

And who can forget old Stockbridge Alice?
Known around the world from Saigon to Dallas?
He did more to stop a war from her cafe palace
Than the White House did with all its "honorable" malice.

Home cookin'
You just can't beat it.
Gimme that down Home cookin'
Even presidents eat it.

I met this lady at the local might spot...
I said: "I was lookin' for someone I almost forgot"
I thought you were her but I guess you're not."
She said: "What's she got that I haven't got?
(and I said):
That Home cookin'
I've got an outrageous appetite
Gimme that down home cookin'
It puts a match to my pilot light.

I found him in a snowstorm down in San Antone...
It doesn't snow in South Texas but what did he know?
He was wandering' around in snowshoes lookin' for a phone...
He said he had a dime, so I took him home.

Home cookin'
It keeps us off the streets
Gimme that down Home cookin'
(I love the way she cooks my meat.)

It's hard to believe what they hold against Eve...
She didn't have an oven but she dad have a tree;
Creation is the mother of necessity...
And if it was good enough for Adam, it's good enough for me.

That Home cookin'
I get high on apple pie.
Gimme that down home cookin'
I want my pleasures home fried.

You can't warm the world by knittin' one sweater...
You can't draw much soup from a feather
But if that last supper had been a little better,
Judas might have kept it together...

Home cookin'
If you've got it, it can give you religion,
Gimme that down home cookin'
If you don't it can make you belligerent.

Any other chick would have a heart attack...
I lost three years rent to a Diamond Jack.
But she really loves me and that's a fact,
You should've seen what was there when I got back...

Home cookin'
(Yeah but it might not be there long)
Gimme that down home cookin'
(I may have to write her out of this song.)

Girls, I'll tell you what to do with an ornery dude
Get yourself some strychnine and put it in his food
And then when they get you in that big court room,
Tell the judge, it was:
Home cookin'
(and you weren't even home)
Gimme that down home cookin'
(and he tried to fix his own.)