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Just Another Whistful Tune

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When I see you laughing like an ocean
While sorrow fills the air like rain
I know I can't deny your denials
I know I can't play your senseless game.
I bore the blame of all your trials
But I can't seem to feel any shame.

Jacqueline, your harlequin has taken off his mask
And in the face of danger, he's thrown an acid flask.
Jacqueline, the violins were dancing around the room
And the clown sang a sad song...
But it was just another whistful [sic] tune.

Lost in here desert pleasures
And choking on the rhapsody's notes
The scorpion ignored all her gestures and poisoned her only hope
So she turned her whip to the tyrant's lips and severed the faithful joke
White lace adorned her face; shining satin her gown.
But it was bound to come down like leaves to the ground
'Cause the bride closed her eyes;
She'd never met the real groom.
It sounded like a love song...
But it was just another whistful tune.

Lady's heart lies there beneath the cover
Of her tropical hips and her starry eyes,
Her sister takes after her mother
But she takes after the skies
And she duels with her bullet lovers
So secure in the way she flies.
It's the blood hold shadows that she's been made pure of;
And it's the less she knows that she's all the more sure of,
Crying "long Live Life" as she kicks out of the womb;
And her song is that of a visionary...
But she knows it's just a wistful tune.