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The King Don't Take No Riders

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Cassette 11/27


Sometimes I'd like to leave this world but I don't know where I'd go
So I pull on my jazz bow tie and play my role in the street show
Steppin' out and steppin' high, Hopin' the best and tryin' mine to
Heed the royal order and keep my place in line.

But it's the same way; every day is just one more reminder...
You can walk on the king's highway but the King don't take no riders.

Fat cats building kingdoms on the hostages they're holdin'
Are crying' out for justice when their burglar tools get stolen
And makin' little ripples with their promises and plans
That are floatin' in the water where they wash their hands...

And they don't care what you say. You're just one more outsider...
When you're lost on the king's highway, the King don't take no riders.
The King don't take no riders....

(instrumental interlude)

With cobble - stoned skeletons ravaged in his bones
The last - rited prisoner of a cardboard throne
Offers out his hand as he springs the snare...
He knows a place for everyone and he's gonna put 'em there.
The thoroughfare right-of-way, sign provider.
They call it the "king's highway" but the King don't take no
King don't take no riders.
No, the King don't take no riders.