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The Land Where Nothing Matters

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Cassette 11/27


I spent the night in a Nogales alley
Thinking about what I heard you say
And all those times, I'd shared the same visions.
Sometimes I find I still dream that way...
But the more you learn you turn into something you can't handle.
And the more you run you become all that much more fragile.
(Oh-h so fragile)
And your values are all shattered -
In a land where nothing matters.

I know it seems I backed down from the struggle;
But my heart beats the battle cry you feel yourself.
It's not that hard to deal with the trouble...
'Less it comes from the people you're tryin' to help.
You know the odds and the hogs
That feed upon your hunger.
They've hardly ever lost because
Nothing is their lucky number...
(They don't bet against it)
And your misery makes them fatter
In a land where nothing matters.

Territorial rights to a misfit mystery
Can't keep me bound to the story's tale
By not holding back what I can't let go of
Just because of history's muddy trail...
All your professors are guessers
Who talk like seasoned hunters;
Stalking through the wilds with a child
Who can never more than wonder...
(why nothing should keep folks honest)
Blinded by all the grandeur
Of a land where nothing matters.

Fancy ideas are worth their weight in gold.
But ideas don't feel; they only judge...
Some get rich and famous; and some just get old
Holding their lifelong grudges....
When senseless punishment is justice
The senses don't accept it.
Enough love is still alive; where I find it...I caress it.
(I don't bet against it)
And fits the pattern
In a land where nothing matters.

Laura and me had everything in common.
But you were right about what was to come...
She swept me off my feet then she swept me out the door;
Now she sleeps with a flashlight and I sleep with a gun.
While you still sew silk pillows for those heavy headed jugglers.
Here with your regrets I'm left in the lot for vacant lovers...
(tryin' to recover)
And you should feel so flattered
In the land where nothing matters.