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Moonlight Dancer

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Loving you was like knowing where to turn
When the road got too confusing
Through I've learned not to be too concerned
with simple acts of choosing.
The voices in the stairwell cry they can't tell
What is wrong or what's right...
While you, sweet lady, carry the lamp
That reveals the meaning of light...
Moonlight Dancer,
You're the soul answer
To all of my questions
About where I need to be...

Loving you was like loving everyone
And wanting no one else
I hard...not to run
But I couldn't catch myself....
Then your warm caress uncovered my weakness
And I found my strength in you...
Like the breath of the kitten asleep on my pillow
Your sweet touch so soft and new...
Moonlight Dancer,
I can still feel your glow
It took so long to find you...
I don't know how I ever let you go.

Understanding you meant forgetting all I'd learned
And learning only feeling...
The words that I heard all twisted and turned
But your eyes were so revealing...
The warmth of your love still buns in my mind;
You're the reason I found the rhyme.
So you're not the only woman I'll know
But you're the one I'll remember with these lines...
Moonlight Dancer,
The world turns around you.
Don't let it stop...
For there at the top....
There'll always be someone who wants you