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Variations on a Sad Song - For Tonight

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I heard the sparrows' secret...They don't begrudge the winter
Or the summer when they leave it
Not knowing if they'll re-enter.
I'm here, like a sparrow
I don't care about tomorrow....
I'll be the one you love....for tonight.

The doors of need are open to the dreams that lie outside them
and the magic of our moments is lost when we describe them...
I give all that's worth giving
To each moment that I'm living...
I'll be your only love...for tonight.

Words can't seem to measure the power of love's deliveranceo
From the hands of time...
But the bribery of pleasure and the poetry of experience
All to often rhyme...

Joan of Arc was following the path across the water
Those same voices calling led her to the slaughter.
I don't know from praying
My heart knows what it's saying
I'll be the one you love....for tonight.

If the Autumn finds me raining the leaves will taste my meaning
And the trees with branches ending will know how I've been feeling...
Right now I'm feeling hollow
Knowing I'll be gone tomorrow...
And I'm only your love....for tonight.