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Dear Misfortune

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also titled "Letters From a Seesaw"


I'm standing in the garbage that you left me
Hoping to find something I can use,
I hear that note by the mirror where you kept me
Saying I can choose to win or lose
I'd lie to ride on that Glory Special
But it's going the other direction
I could make a contribution to society
But look who's taking the collection...
Dear Misfortune
Please don't call on me again
I've seen the chains and felt the reins
That fall upon your women.

I was returning from a visit with a California friend
Feeling' a lot like Valentino
Thinkin' about unknown pleasures 'round that next proverbial bend
Then the car blew up at Reno
This high-rollin' lady with a whole lot of money said she'd marry me if I would
I said , "I don't want to be worshipped, honey, I just wanna be understood."
Dear Misfortune,
Don't come knocking' at my door
You've turned your tricks
Your wheels are fixed
I can't see you any more.

You profiteering prophesizers are never gonna get my soul
It's all I have that's really mine...
I took that step toward heaven and I fell right through the hole
It makes me feel I've been left behind
I've got good friends and bad friends, lord,
I'm laughing so hard I'm crying
The good friends they're all flyin' high
And the bad friends are all dying
Dear Misfortune,
Get out of our lives
Stay away from our homes
If you leave us alone
There's a chance we might survive

I was riding on the rails of uncertainty
Hoping I could over all my tracks
Tryin to get black to the home sweet feelin' fee
At the farm where I could relax...
Where the willow outside my window
Holds the joys of its gypsy dancers
And no tree ever kicked my dog
And no mailman ever brought me any answers
Dear Misfortune,
You're dealing' too damn hard
You keep on winning
But don't sit there grinning
We can see right through your cards.

Dear Misfortune
You've been 'round too long
You're a continuous curve
You've got so much nerve
You might not even let me end this song.