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Outlaws Together Again

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The devil came to me this morning
He said: "Wake up honey, it's your hero."
I thought: "Oh fine, what a crazy line;
It's another rock & roll wierdo".
So I said:
"What the hell, there's room for one more, Let's hear you play the piano".
And he said:
"Goddamn, don't you want a man with a musical knowledge of zero?"
I said: "It's no joke, baby, read these notes..."
And he burned down the piano.

Music man...Music Man
Why I love you I'll never know.
But when you're around
I hear these sounds
And my heart flies out the window.

In my bed room this afternoon I just about even woke up
Then I heard this girl with a voice like pearl
Singin' about this devil stuff.
When I opened my eyes they went up in smoke, caught in a blindman's bluff.
So I said: "Baby please, if you've got to burn my keys,
Do it out back in the truck"...
I don't care, honey, I'll be there
When you need someone to hold you up.

Music woman...Rock & Roll lady
I want to play with you all night.
You're my choice, darlin'
When I hear your voice...
I swear I see the light.

He ties knots in his guitar strings to help him find the notes...
He's so naturally stoned if you leave him alone
He starts talking to Victorian ghosts
He's so outrageous when he's on the stage
He makes the horses ride back in the coach.
You can light his fire but he hates branding irons
You'll burn him if you get too close
He knows a thousand songs that his heroes did
And he thinks he's Billy the Kid.

Music man...Music Man
GOOD GOD where did you come from?
You're one-fourth vain
Three-fourths insane
And two-thirds not yet heard from.

Half of the time she forgets her lines but she knows how to fake it.
She's for human rights and big spot lights
When the heat comes she can take it
She loves her country, it's the government she hates
She's got a flag but she won't shake it
She bakes her own bread; she's got a satin sheet bed
And she really knows how to make it.
She's a celebrated lady with something to say
And she wishes she was Billie Holiday.

Music woman...Rock & Roll lady
Rock & rollin' through the airwaves
Keep your head down, honey,
Hold your ground...
All hell's break-in' loose backstage.

Music woman...Music man
Rock & Roll lady...Sweet time Papa...